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Teaching Philosophy

Everyone has the ability to learn how to play the bass, no matter what age, no matter what skill level. I believe it’s never too early or too late to add the joy of music to your life. I will work with you wherever you need to start, whether a beginner or advanced. My goal is to help you learn and enjoy playing the upright or electric bass and find the magic that happens when you and your instrument connect.  I like to share my expertise as well as encourage and coach my students to make their bass dreams a reality.

I believe in mixing different teaching approaches, methods and study books to help each student. My approach can include playing in ensembles, studying from certain books, setting up practice routines, motivational talks, listening to recordings, completing theory assignments, analyzing tunes, using on-line resources, performing recitals, hearing live music, and other playing and writing activities.

In beginning study on upright bass with the bow, I use the Suzuki Method for bass for which I am certified in Levels 1-5. I also use the Essential Elements series, and advanced books such as Bille & Simandl methods, as well as solo and orchestral repertoire. Recordings and videos of well-known orchestral pieces, solo works, and recitals are also utilized.

For jazz or rock study on upright or electric bass, I utilize the use of real books, Jamey Aebersold Book/CD sets, recordings, transcriptions, writing & studying bass lines, and using method books by bass greats like Carol Kaye, Ray Brown & Rufus Reid. There is also a music theory component that is factored into jazz/rock study because of the need to learn various scales and chord vocabulary for playing bass parts, bass lines, tunes, and improvisation.

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Sherry is an outstanding educator and clinician. She is currently teaching young students and adults at the renown Pasadena Conservatory of Music and Grades 2-6 at Westmark School in Encino a private college prep school specializing in educating students with learning differences.

Sherry works well with beginning bass students and advanced players. She can help you learn the fundamentals or hone your skills and move to the next level.  She also offers private individualized bass instruction (upright and electric) for young students and adults.

Double Bass Player


Double Bass Player


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